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Royal Vaping LLC

Chandler, Arizona

Branding Mockup

Brand Logo Design

This client requested a clean, sleek, and modern look for their vape shop brand. We provided a few designs based on their needs, and wants. The final product turned out to be a jaw dropping design with unique eye catching elements  that made it extremely easy to impliment into the finalized website design. Being involved in the entire branding and marketing process typically results in the best final product.

Graphic Design

Custom Logo, Header, and Print items

The logo design was based on the color scheme of the standard card deck, to match the “Royal” asthetic of the brand. A typeface logo and a image based logo were created in both vertical and horizontal orientation for print and web.

Customized WordPress Theme

Create a website that matches your branding

A customized version of a popular wordpress theme was implimented in order to ensure longevity with updates and compatability. This also allowed us to create a  layout and design unique to this clients website.


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